Lincoln Consumer Products


Hid the Scratches and Gave My Bike a Shine Better Than New

Used this product on my 2016 Indian Scout with custom paint. The clear had some light surface scratches until I used this product. I was extremely impressed with how it hid the scratches and gave my bike a shine better than new. Love it. I won't use anything else!
- William Paholak

It's Good For Getting the Dust

I use this product on my 2017 Road Glide Special. It’s good for getting the dust, dirt and general road grime off. It quickly takes out scuff marks and light scratches and leaves my paint and chrome with a glossy shine. I love this stuff!
- Scott Friskney

Performance Review

I have used LincShine with great success to bring back the new luster to used wheels. This product is very easy to use and it also does a fantastic job of protecting the chrome finish on wheels.
- The Wheel Warehouse

Great Product – Spray On, Wipe Off

Started using this product last summer and love it! Have tried many one-step products, but this one is by far the best. Just put it on with one cloth, I like microfiber, wipe it off with a second and what a shine! Thing is the first time isn't the best. The polymer somehow builds up with additional depth and shine when you use it the 2nd, 3rd times, etc. It's safe, use it on paint, chrome, and windows and it just works! I use it between and sometimes instead of car washes. Great product, glad I found it.
- Edward Wimsatt

The Best Out There

Amazing product, super easy to use and makes my Harley Davidson look like it just rolled off the showroom floor.
- Amazon Customer

Smear It and Pop It

I have been using this stuff for over a year and absolutely love it. I can do my entire Harley (engine too) in 45 minutes. There is no wait time and, unlike paste wax, if you miss some it won't leave it dull looking. I even did an experiment on an old car hood that was sitting in the woods for 3 years with moss and mother nature on it to see how it would clean up. All I did was spray LincShine on it (no soap and water) and it looks like I just waxed it! This stuff works great on everything and makes chrome look like a mirror.
- Big Hoss CVMA

Easiest Product To Apply

I am nearly 60 years old and have been buying cars and constantly waxing and detailing them since I was 17. In all these years none of the products I've used has been as easy as LincShine to apply, I gave a bottle to my 83-year-old father who concurred. One of the amazing attributes about LincShine is while applying it to my wife's black car, that I could not distinguish from the new application to the old application which was a year old, no other wax I've used has ever been able to hold a lustered shine that long, this product is amazing especially after you build three or four coats on your vehicle. Sometimes I like to rub in the wax with an electric buffer and the gloss finish is astounding.
- Don Miller

Absolutely Love It

Absolutely love it! I've been using another product for years, but it has its limitations - can't be used on anything but the sheet metal, doesn't always wipe clean without some effort, and so on. I've used LincShine on all my vehicles, but if you're looking for a quick way to detail a motorcycle, this is it! A clean rag and a few squirts of this and you can do the entire bike, from the tank to the pipes. The first time I used it and showed up at an event, folks were asking me how I kept my bike so clean. I keep a bottle a few clean rags with me in all my vehicles now.
- D. Owens

Does The Trick

Great stuff! I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a car guy, but I do like a shiny vehicle and this stuff does the trick without working at it all day...wipe it on, wipe it off...done.
- Amazon Customer

Use On Everything

Great product! Easy to use and apply. Have used on the car, snow blower and riding mower, basically all metals. Makes them very shiny and clean. Have used it on mirrors too. Give this product 5 stars!
- Amazon Customer

LincShine Applies Easily

Last summer a close friend introduced me to this spray detailer. He praised the product’s merits encouraging me to try it on my vintage Corvette, rather than my usual name-brand wax. Being skeptical, I first used it on my wife’s SUV and the results were remarkable. LincShine applies easily, squirt it on a small area, lightly rub it in with a soft towel, before it dries use a second soft towel to buff the haze and the results are stunning. Initially, it removes the bugs, road tar and other surface debris with minimal exertion, the finish feels as though you just detailed it with a clay-bar and somehow it leaves a protection that serves as a base for the next application and allows you to remove the next wave of bugs and road tar with ease. I have told my friend repeatedly that LincShine gives me the best results for the least amount of effort of any car finish product I have ever used. P.S. My wife keeps a bottle in the house to polish all the mirrors and glassware.
- Amazon Customer